Senior couple happily meeting with lawyerSocial Security Disability Benefits can provide much-needed assistance if you or a loved one are unable to work and need to hire a long-term disability attorney.

Social Security Disability benefits (“SSDI”) is based upon years of work and paying into Social Security. If you are “insured” (ie. have worked and paid in enough into Social Security), then you may apply for SSDI. If you are disabled but have not paid in enough to Social Security to be “insured”, then you may apply for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”), if you meet their other asset and income limitations for your household. SSI is a welfare-based disability benefit and is not based upon years of work. If you are disabled, then you may need to hire an attorney for disability.

Social Security has five levels: Intake, Reconsideration, Administrative Law Judge Hearing, Appeals Counsel, and a Federal Court Appeal.