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Appeal Your Denial of Social Security Disability

You should appeal your denial of social security disability. Many people give up after they receive a denial letter from social security.

Social Security Denies Most Applications

Most social security disability applications get denied at intake.  Typically, social security disability applications get denied again at reconsideration.

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Social Security’s Guidelines Result in Many Denials

Social Security uses disability guidelines to determine if you are disabled.  Younger individuals between the ages of 18-49 are typically denied their disability.  These Social Security disability guidelines also apply factors of physical exertional levels (sedentary, light, medium, heavy).  Other factors applied by Social Security include age, education, and prior work experience of skilled or unskilled. The Social Security disability chart lists a decision of “Disabled” or “Not disabled”.  You must appeal your denial of social security disability in order to get to an administrative hearing. At the administrative hearing you and your representative present evidence.

Click to view The Social Security: Medical-Vocational Guidelines.

Make a Plan to Survive While Off Work

When you are not working, your bills pile up.  When applying for disability, you need suggestions on how to make ends meet. If you return to work during the pendency of the application to make ends meet, then you may risk your entire disability application.

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You may also wonder how to maintain your medical insurance.  The first thing you should do is check with your current medical plan or human resource person as to what happens to your health insurance if you are off work. Some employers allow short term medical leaves and still pay your medical premiums.

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Avoid Pitfalls and Appeal

Success requires appeals of denials of social security disability applications multiple times.  While you are frustrated, do not give up hope!  Get help and figure out why your disability application failed. Commit to stop working and do not ride the fence. Working at less than full-time may impact your social security insured status and working some shows you can work, and it makes it hard to show you cannot work.

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Assistance and Evidence Helps You Win

A disability lawyer will determine what evidence you need to present to Social Security. Typically, additional records will need ordered as evidence of your disability.  An Attorney will also attend your social security administrative judge hearing (3rd step) with you and help you prepare for the hearing. Your physician who supports your disability application will complete a Social Security medical form describing your disability.


You may feel overwhelmed and stressed without income, but you should appeal your social security denial. Hire a social security disability attorney for help.

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