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Here at Arthur Law Firm our mission is to assist you with any questions involving motorcycle accidents and crashes. We help determine if you qualify for any compensation for your damages or injuries that occurred due to the accident. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Northwest Ohio, our team of attorneys are here to assist you in securing the settlement you deserve.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact us at (419) 782-9881 in Northwest Ohio or reach us by email at Our qualified team will work hard to answer you concerns.  There is no charge for a personal injury consultation and no attorney fees payment until we settle or win you case!

We Will Win Your Motorcycle Accident Case!

Our qualified and skilled attorneys at Arthur Law Firm are here to win your case and promise not to charge our clients any attorney fees until your motorcycle accident case is won or settled. Our leading motorcycle crash lawyers are here to listen and guide you in receiving the compensation you deserve after an accident. Our goal is to guide your case and help you handle, claim and receive the highest amount of compensation possible. 


The Arthur Law Personal Injury Proven Process Applied to Motorcycle Accident Cases

At Arthur Law Firm in Northwest Ohio we have been serving injured clients for over fifty years. Our motorcycle accident lawyers know how to deal with a case by following a proven process to help win motorcycle crashes and personal injury cases.
An injury can be scary and very overwhelming. After an accident an injured person may be able to go to work or take care of their daily tasks. If their motorcycle has property damage or is totaled, then it could make life even more overwhelming for them as they try to repair their transportation and get back to work. Our proven process here at Arthur Law Firm will help make your case easier, and our attorneys work hard to earn you the full and fair compensation you deserve.


Our lawyers here at Arthur Law Firm can help explain how to get your motorcycle replaced or repaired and have the knowledge and experience in how to get your medical bills paid.  We can answer your insurance questions or concerns you may have.  We excel in securing the fair and just compensation you deserve for your injuries caused by your motorcycle accident. Our attorneys can help guide you through this confusing and overwhelming process.



Personal Injury Proven Process


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For over 50 years we’ve relied on our proven process at Arthur Law Firm to get our clients the most compensation for injuries that occurred during a motorcycle accident. If you have questions for our lawyers about our process and how we can help to get you the best possible compensation following your motorcycle accident, call us today at 419-782-9881, email us at, or click on our live chat icon to learn more.

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