Accidents happen quickly, and often. If you’ve been injured in a personal injury accident in Waterville, Ohio, you may have considered working through the legal process on your own. Maybe there were several witnesses at the scene, and you or someone you know collected their contact information. Even when details of an accident seem obvious, things can get complicated very quickly. It’s common for victims to face questions from insurance adjusters about who may have been responsible. If you’re still trying to recover from your injuries, you may have medical bills piling up along with household bills you can’t pay due to lost wages as a result of taking time off of work to heal. Even if you thought you could handle things on your own, you might be feeling overwhelmed now that things aren’t sorting out the way you expected. You still have time to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Ohio

Man sitting at a lawyers desk with a cast on his arm and bandage on his head speaking to lawyer after being hurt in an accident in Waterville, Ohio. The Statute of Limitations refers to the period of time you have to pursue a claim or file a lawsuit. Statutes of Limitations are strictly enforced and the timeline for action begins on the day that the accident you were involved in occurred. Personal injury cases have different Statute of Limitations depending on the type of case.

The sooner you hire a Waterville Ohio personal injury lawyer, the better, even if you feel the statute is generous and you have plenty of time. Your attorney will need time to gather evidence necessary for your claim and also for a lawsuit, so you will be prepared for trial if a settlement can’t be reached.

If your accident resulted in a wrongful death, the Statute of Limitations is two years and begins on the date of death, regardless of the type of accident that caused the death. If you have been injured in Waterville due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. If you don’t, then you risk losing your right to a fair settlement to cover your damages.

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