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Best Way to Explain Your Disabilities to Social Security

Here are some practical tips that will help you with best way to explain your disabilities to Social Security.

Be Consistent:

  • Provide the date you last worked.
  • Know the exact date your disability began to prevent you from working.
  • Have documentation of doctors names and dates when you went in for examination, testing, and surgeries.
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Track and Explain in Simple Terms

  • Know the number of doctor appointments you have each month.
  • Record of how long you can sit, stand, or walk before you need to rest.
  • Do you need to rest and elevate your legs or lay down?
  • Can you use your hands for repetitive tasks?
  • The side effects caused by your medications?
  • The problems you had at your last few jobs that caused you to leave.
  • How many absences would you have in a month?
  • Are you able to stay on task?
  • Is focus and concentration and issue?
  • Can you learn new tasks?
  • Do you get along well with others at work including co-workers and supervisors?
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Provide Medical Limitations

  • Explain if a cane, walker, or wheelchair is needed to get around.
  • Provide a medical record or doctor letter explaining your medical limitations.
  • Make them aware if you are on oxygen and if moving around causes you to lose your breath.
  • Let them know if you fall frequently.
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Explain Work Accommodations

  • Provide information regarding your previous work hours.
  • Make them aware if you missed a lot of work.
  • Were you allowed to sit at a job that normally required standing?
  • Did you have FMLA? Did you exhaust your FMLA?
  • Was a special piece of equipment or tool provided that helped you do your job?
  • Did they have another employee help with some of your job duties?

Social Security Code of Federal Regulations: Social Security – Medical Vocational Guidelines – Code of Regulations

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