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Options When Denied Social Security Disability

Options When Denied Social Security Disability 

What are my options if I am denied Social Security Disability?

Consider the following options if you are denied Social Security Disability.

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Participate in a job retraining program

In Ohio, The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities attain and maintain employment.   Vocational services include things such as evaluation and treatment of a disability, job retraining, assistance with job searches, transportation services, educational assistance, and access to tools and equipment needed for employment.

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Consider jobs that allow accommodations and less physical exertion

Although you may not be able to return to the job you used to do, there may be other jobs you can perform at a light or sedentary level.  Consider applying for jobs with sit/stand options and that limit the amount you have to lift, carry, push, or pull.

Make a career change and explore schooling

There are opportunities to get further schooling that may help you get a job that allows you to work.   Local colleges and career counselors can help you explore career opportunities.

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Start your own business

Opening your own business provides a great deal of flexibility to work when you feel o.k. and rest when you need it.

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Work from home

Jobs are available that you can work from home.  Imagine a customer service job or another job that you could work from home via a computer.

Work half days or part-time 

Even if you can’t work 8 hours a day, consider working 4 hours a day or other part-time employment that allows you to work fewer hours a day and per week.

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