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At Arthur Law Firm Co., LPA, we are experienced auto accident attorneys in Toledo and the NW Ohio area. We can assist you with questions about auto accidents, compensation, injuries, and damages in the Northwest Ohio area. If you have been injured in a car accident in Lucas County, Ottawa County, Fulton County, Wood County, Sandusky County, or other Ohio counties, contact us today to get the best possible settlement.

Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Toledo & Northwest Ohio

Injuries resulting from a car accident can be life-changing. However, in the aftermath of a car crash, you should be focused on your health and recovery. When you enlist the help of a car accident attorney at Arthur Law Firm, they can handle the paperwork while you work on getting home.

They can fight for things like:

  • Medical Treatment Reimbursement
  • Lost Wages
  • Car Repair or Rentals
  • Pain & Suffering

Car Accident Lawyers in Toledo

At Arthur Law Firm, we assist our car accident clients by not charging attorney fees unless your car accident case is settled or won. With the Arthur Law Firm Fair & Square Fee Guarantee you can trust that when your case is resolved, our attorney fee will never exceed your net recovery. 

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How Can Arthur Law Firm Help You Win Your Auto Accident Case?

At Arthur Law Firm, we are experienced auto accident lawyers in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area. We help our clients without charging any attorney fees unless we settle or win your auto accident case.

If you are looking for a review of your options for a car accident claim, you may need to speak with a personal injury attorney you trust. Trust the car accident attorneys at Arthur Law Firm to answer your questions and help you obtain the settlement and compensation you deserve.

You can reach us at or (419) 782-9881. Our Northwest Ohio car accident lawyers will do their best to answer all of your questions. We will not charge you attorney fees unless we settle or win your case!

Our Personal Injury Proven Process Applied to Car Accident Cases

Arthur Law Firm has been serving Northwest Ohio for over fifty years. Our team of car accident lawyers follows a 10 Step Proven Process for auto accidents and personal injury cases.

After a car accident occurs, injured persons are overwhelmed. They might be missing work. Their car is damaged or totaled, and they are getting the runaround from insurance companies and adjusters. They might be having trouble taking care of their family or dealing with other responsibilities. Their medical bills are piling up, and they do not know how to pay for them. They fear collection agencies, the inability to pay their bills, and credit loss.

We can be your guide through this difficult and confusing process. We can help you better understand: 

  • How to get your car repaired or replaced, 
  • How to get medical bills paid
  • How to handle insurance adjusters to get fair compensation for your injuries.

Contact us today to get the help you need!

Personal Injury lawyer toledo proven process

Personal Injury Proven Process

Have questions about your personal injury situation? Want to know more about the personal injury settlement process? Click on our proven process wheel below to go to our interactive wheel with informational videos and FAQ sections to help guide you through.

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