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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

An injury lawyer has specific experience in helping victims obtain compensation for their injuries. They typically handle everything from obtaining the needed documentation to negotiation with the adverse party, and presenting the case in court if a resolution cannot be reached. If you are entrenched in a dispute with an insurance company, a corporation, or an individual, an injury lawyer can help simplify the process. Here is how a personal injury lawyer would go about helping you:

After the Injury

Evidence is one of the most vital parts in building a solid personal injury case. As you focus on getting medical attention, a legal team has the resources to gather information. It is crucial to get help as early as possible to ensure the evidence is preserved. This includes contacting witnesses, securing vehicles or other crash debris, obtaining photos, videos, and all available investigative reports.


From this point on, you’ll focus on completing your medical treatment and making claims for any insurance benefits you may have. Keep documentation on every cost you’ve accrued or paid during this period, and submit these to your lawyers. Afterward, you can focus on recovery with the peace of mind that things are being addressed on your behalf.

Building the Case

The lawyers will order all the treatment records and billing statements associated with the accident. They may also ask for information from your employer or business to calculate your lost wage claim if there is one. The team will be responsible for reviewing this information and ensuring that you get a proper idea of the money you are entitled to receive.

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From there, they’ll send a demand letter complete with all necessary documentation to an adjuster. In the meantime, they will handle correspondence from any unpaid medical providers to either secure payment, or to make acceptable arrangements. After the demand letter is issued, a deadline is set for a response.

Negotiation and Settlement

Lawyers will handle the back and forth negotiations with the insurance company or other adverse party. They will also deal with the lawyers of other parties. If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached through that process, then a lawsuit will be filed.

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Whether to accept a settlement or not is a decision that the injury lawyer will help guide the injured person make based on the lawyer’s familiarity with other similar cases. Though cases vary depending on the nature of the accident, the injuries, and the potential venue for the lawsuit, an experienced personal injury attorney has the ability to formulate appropriate guidance.

If the injured person and the lawyer decide that the case should proceed, the lawyer will conduct discovery of the adverse party, and help the injured party respond to discovery served by the other attorney. The lawyer will also begin to prepare for trial by making sure all the appropriate witnesses (eye witnesses, doctors, etc.) are ready to testify.

During the trial, the personal injury attorney has the experience to present evidence and testimony in a compelling way, using the latest trial techniques. This will help reach the best possible result, which is in the form of a verdict. The verdict is either for the injured party (the Plaintiff) or the other party (the Defendant); if it is for the injured party, then the verdict will require the Defendant to pay a sum of money to the injured person, which is intended to compensate him or her for her injuries. Once the verdict is rendered, it becomes final unless it is appealed by either side.

Give Yourself the Best Chance

A personal injury lawyer is the best option for any victim seeking compensation for their injuries. Their experience and knowledge of the system will benefit you and put you in a position to obtain the most compensation possible. It is essential to work with lawyers who have expertise in the field. They can do all the heavy lifting in the case for you.

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