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Personal Injury Liability and Dog Bites

Dog bites are injuries can be life-altering. A bite from any breed of dog has the potential for transmitting a host of diseases and causing disfigurement. Larger breeds can bite with enough force to cause nerve damage, disfiguring scars, and fractures that can lead to permanent disabilities.  The event can also trigger nightmares, flashbacks, fear of dogs, and even post traumatic stress.

If you’ve been subjected to an attack by a dog, then you may be wondering what (if anything) you can do to help pay for damages that were caused by such a serious event.

Do I Have A Case?


Most people are unsure if they have a case, however, liability in Ohio is spelled out quite explicitly. If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Ohio then the dog owner is strictly responsible for that injury. The owner of the dog is liable for any injury, death, or loss of property that the dog caused to you.

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Some exceptions to liability may include if you were trespassing on the property, provoked/antagonized the dog, or if you were there to commit a crime.  However, for the majority of bite wounds injuries, there is a potential legal recourse to recoup damages.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Rightful Compensation


Having an attorney who has experience with personal injury cases can help you recover just compensation. Personal injury lawyers understand how to evaluate your harms and losses, and they can help to translate that into a monetary recovery through negotiations with the dog owner and their insurance company.  If we accept your personal injury case, then you won’t need to pay for anything upfront for attorney fees, as we’ll collect our attorney fees if we win the case or get a settlement.

What Help Can We Offer?


Arthur Law Firm Co., L.P.A. has years of experience in helping victims recoup lost wages due to time off, as well as payment for sudden medical bills, psychological treatment, or scar reduction therapies that can be attributed to the attack. We can also help you keep track of these costs and payments, ensuring your affairs are organized correctly—getting you seen by the right professionals and collecting information about the attack in the most coherent way possible.

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Often if we are able to be involved from near the beginning, a settlement can be reached that takes care of damages outside of court.  We can assist with lien resolution, where we negotiate with medical providers and health insurance plans.  Click for additional information on lien resolution.

Work With a Local Personal Injury Attorney


When you get into an accident and look up “personal injury lawyer near me”, look no further than Arthur Law Firm Co., LPA, a law firm that has been in business for more than 50 years, representing accident victims from throughout Ohio including in Defiance, Toledo, Napoleon, Wauseon, Bryan, Paulding, and Ottawa.

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