Airbag exploded at a car accident in Waterville, Ohio
A car accident can be devastating, especially when you are not at fault. As the victim of a serious car accident, you may be scared for your financial future as you face lost wages, mounting medical bills, and the loss of your vehicle. Many victims think negotiating with the insurance company and receiving a quick and thorough payout will be straightforward, only to find themselves struggling through the legal process. You need the help of a dedicated, experienced Waterville car accident attorney familiar with the Waterville, Ohio area.

The Roadways of Waterville: Where Accidents Can Happen

Waterville, Ohio is a great place to live and raise a family, but car accidents can happen anywhere, no matter how safe the community. However, Waterville has areas that are more prone to accidents.  

  • US Route 24
  • State Route 64
  • State Route 295 

All three of these routes have an increased risk of accidents due to higher speeds, increased traffic during heavy travel times, and complex intersections. US-24 is a major east-west highway that passes through Waterville, Ohio, and highways like this have a greater risk of car accidents. During the winter or any periods of bad weather, these roads can become even riskier. Our attorneys know the area, know the routes that are at a higher risk of accidents, and understand the complexities of determining fault in a car accident like yours.

The Devastating Impact of Car Accidents in Waterville, Ohio

In an ideal world, understanding the challenges of the Waterville, Ohio roads and driving carefully and defensively would be enough to avoid an accident. But the reality is that you can be the victim in a car accident and face the same severe injuries and emotional trauma, as well as the financial burden of recovery. When you are not at fault for the accident, this impact is felt more acutely. 

Even a minor car accident can cause serious long-term injuries, such as neck and back injuries, and the more severe the accident, the greater the risk of chronic pain and injuries that can take months – even years – to fully recover. In addition, car accident victims in Waterville, Ohio can face lost wages, mounting medical bills, and emotional suffering. Mental anguish should not be minimized. After a serious car accident, you may experience loss of enjoyment of life activities, which will impact not only you, but your loved ones as well. 

When you are not at fault for a car accident, you are entitled to both current and future damages in your car accident settlement. This includes the cost to repair or replace your vehicle, medical expenses incurred during recovery, lost wages due to missed work, pain and suffering, and any other expenses incurred as a result of the accident. In a serious car accident, it is important to take into account future damages as well. Future damages may include ongoing therapy, decreased life expectancy, reduced earning potential, and other factors that can be difficult to predict. Having an experienced Waterville, Ohio car accident attorney on your side to help you calculate the true value of your car accident claim is essential for determining fair compensation for future damages.

Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies, no matter what they may claim, are not really on your side. While they may not attempt to challenge easily documented expenses such as invoices to repair your car or medical bills for your treatment, they will often attempt to strong-arm you into accepting a much lower settlement for future damages, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Car insurance companies need to demonstrate a solid profit for their shareholders, and they will often try to manipulate you into accepting an offer that only meets the minimum requirements of your claim.

Once you agree to a settlement amount from the insurance company, it’s final. You cannot go back and claim any further damages. The insurance company knows this, which is why they will try and pressure you to accept their settlement offers-and they likely won’t cover everything you need to recover. Often, they will pressure you by implying that you are lucky they managed to get you as much as they did, and if you don’t sign, that offer will go away and you may get nothing. They may try to argue that your injuries were not as severe as you are claiming or that you were actually partially at-fault, so you need to be grateful for any settlement you receive. When you are focusing your physical and mental energy on recovering from the accident itself, it’s hard to negotiate with the insurance company, especially if they are hoping to confuse you with the complexity of legal responsibilities. This is why you need an expert and experienced attorney on your side. They understand the law, they understand the tactics used by insurance companies, and they have the expert resources to build your case.

A Commitment to Waterville, Ohio

Our attorneys understand the local roads, the medical facilities where you will receive treatment, and even the difficulty local residents may have with the insurance companies. Because we are local, we have a passion to provide legal representation and support to Waterville, Ohio residents during difficult times. We have a strong commitment to providing our neighbors with the best legal support and making sure they can recover from any car accident.

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