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What to Look for When Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

An accident involving a car and pedestrian can be one of the most devastating accidents. With no protection, pedestrians can sustain serious injuries if they are hit by a car. If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, the driver’s insurance company will likely want to offer you a quick settlement, but hiring an attorney will help you get the most compensation you deserve to move forward without future financial burdens as a result of being struck.

Experience and Expertise

When it comes to personal injury law, nothing beats experience and expertise in the type of accident you are dealing with. This isn’t the time to trust a friend or family member working in a different area of law. You need someone who has a good depth of experience with pedestrian accidents, and understands what to expect and how to negotiate for the best outcome. A pedestrian accident attorney with a strong track record of representing seriously injured victims will be able to offer you insights and set your expectations for what your recovery might be.

Communication and Reputationgreen light on a pedestrian traffic light

You are trusting your attorney to be your voice, and this means you need to find an attorney with strong communication skills and a good reputation in the community. Not only will you rely on your attorney to speak on your behalf, but you need an attorney who will keep you informed throughout the case. You should feel comfortable talking to your attorney and asking questions. Their ability to anticipate your needs and taking the time to make sure you understand exactly what is going on by sharing what you need to do at each stage is invaluable. You’ve been through enough, and your attorney should feel like your trusted ally ready to help you get through this with empathy and encouragement.


Your attorney will be by your side through this difficult period of your life, and you need to find an attorney who is compassionate and understands the emotional toll that a pedestrian accident can have on you and your family. You want a lawyer who will not only fight for your legal rights, but who wants the best possible outcome for you so you can move on and put this accident behind you.

Contingency Fees

Before you hire a pedestrian accident attorney to help you, find out if they work on a contingency fee basis. Working on contingency means that your attorney will only get paid if you win your case, and this is common practice for these types of cases. Injury attorneys will get paid directly from your settlement proceeds so you don’t have to worry about paying up front. If you are facing a financial burden and worried about the expense of an attorney, this can alleviate your financial worry. In some cases, a settlement won’t be able to cover all the out-of-pocket expenses incurred after an accident. The Fair and Square Fee Guarantee offered by Arthur Law Firm, means that when your case is resolved, your legal fees will never exceed your net recovery. When considering an attorney, don’t be afraid to ask about the payment arrangement. They should be happy to explain the fee structure to you and put the agreement in writing.

The most important part of hiring an attorney to represent you after a pedestrian accident is trust. You need to know that your attorney is on your side and will fight to get you the best possible settlement that will compensate you for all your expenses, as well as pain and suffering, and any future complications you may face as a result of your accident. We fight hard for victims of pedestrian accidents because your rights are important, and you should never be financially burdened as a victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault. If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident and you are struggling to know where to turn for help, contact Arthur Law Firm (419) 782-9881 right away for a free consultation.