Each year, thousands of people are bitten by someone else’s dog, and many of them are left startled and confused and searching for a Maumee dog bite attorney. If you or someone you love was the victim of a dog attack, you must understand your legal rights and why it is important to report the incident. Facing legal action after a dog bite injury can feel overwhelming, but speaking with an experienced dog bite lawyer in Maumee, Ohio will help you understand your rights and legal options during this turbulent time.

Ohio’s Dog Bite Laws

Ohio has strict laws in place regarding dog bites and dog attacks. Owners are held liable under these laws for any injuries caused by their dog if they knew (or should have known) they had dangerous tendencies before the incident occurred. The law also states that negligence by the owner or keeper can lead to liability, meaning even if an owner didn’t know their dog was dangerous, they might still be held responsible for any injuries caused by their pet.