Man in Arm sling talking to a lawyer after a motorcycle accident in Waterville OhioAlthough Waterville is known as the safest city in Ohio, with a small-town atmosphere, it is not immune to motorcycle accidents. Even the most careful riders traveling along the safest streets can be at risk for a motorcycle accident, and when that happens, the repercussions are serious and long-lasting.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you are likely facing serious injuries, lost wages, and mounting medical bills, causing serious financial stress.

As you try to recover, you want to move on quickly, but you can easily become overwhelmed with whether or not you are handling things correctly.

Having an experienced Waterville motorcycle accident attorney can help.

The Risks of Accepting an Early Settlement

The insurance company will try to convince you that they are on your side and will attempt to get you a settlement quickly. While this sounds like a good thing, especially while you are facing mounting medical bills alongside a potentially long period of lost wages, this is a tactic that can seriously hurt your financial future.

Once you agree to and sign a settlement offer from an insurance company, the case is closed, and you cannot go back to recover any additional damages, even if – and more likely, when – you realize that the settlement you’ve agreed to is far too low to cover your full recovery.

Insurance companies are looking to turn a profit, just like any other business, and they are counting on your desperation. They may pressure you with mounting medical bills and lost wages to accept a low settlement, insinuating that if you turn it down, you risk getting nothing. They hope you will agree to an amount far lower than what you deserve.

Is Hiring a Waterville Motorcycle Accident Attorney Worth the Cost?

When you are already facing mounting bills, lost wages, and the expenses of recovering from a serious accident, the last thing you want to worry about is the expense of hiring an attorney.

The attorneys at Arthur Law Firm understand these worries and will work with their clients to ensure that the cost of hiring an attorney to fight for you will not make your stressed financial situation worse by not charging any upfront attorney fees or costs.

First, the attorneys at Arthur Law Firm work on contingency. This means you are not required to pay any upfront fees and will only pay them a percentage of your settlement when the settlement is paid.

Second, the Fair & Square Guarantee of Arthur Law Firm promises that you will never be required to pay more in attorney fees than you recover in your case.

Finally, having an attorney fighting for you will get you the best possible settlement, often far more than you could negotiate. Even with the percentage of your settlement paid out, you will likely recover more damages than you would have on your own. When considering this, hiring an attorney has definite value and is well worth the cost.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Waterville

If you decide to hire a motorcycle accident attorney, then you must find the right attorney. There are many attorneys to choose from, and only some attorneys will be considering your best interests.

You should have the opportunity to meet with any potential attorney at a no-cost, no-obligation consultation where you will have the chance to ask questions about their experience in dealing with motorcycle injury accidents, their success rate in cases like yours, and how they will navigate the process. You need to hire an attorney you feel comfortable with, and you trust to negotiate on your behalf.

It is best to choose a local Waterville motorcycle accident attorney with extensive experience in cases like yours.

Work with Your Attorney to Determine All the Damages from Your Accident

There is no set amount for how much you will receive in damages after a motorcycle accident. Every claim is different and is based on the specific damages and expenses you’ve incurred already, as well as what you will incur in the future due to the motorcycle accident.

This will include your current expenses, such as medical bills, property damage (the repair or replacement of your motorcycle), and lost wages. Your settlement can also include an amount to compensate for your pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, future loss of earning potential, and future medical expenses that are related to the injuries from this accident.

Calculating damages can be complex, and the insurance companies hope you don’t know what you are entitled to. Having an accident attorney can help you determine the right amount of compensation.

With the right settlement, you can move forward with a secure financial future and focus on your physical and emotional recovery after a motorcycle accident. To effectively negotiate with the insurance companies to get the settlement you deserve, you need the right team of attorneys who understand the insurance company’s tactics and develop a strategy to ensure that you get all the damages to which you are entitled.

The team at Arthur Law Firm is experienced with motorcycle accidents in Waterville. Our firm has the necessary expertise to fight on your behalf while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, contact the team at Arthur Law Firm for a free consultation before you end up agreeing to something that you can’t take back.