Our priority here at Arthur Law Firm is to answer concerns and questions you have about your DUI/OVI case. If you were involved in a OVI accident in Northwest Ohio, near Defiance, Ohio, trust our team to fight for your freedom and the rights that you deserve. Our lawyers have been helping people charged with OVI for over 50 years. Contact our experienced team today!

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Have You Been Involved In An OVI/DUI Accident? Call The Arthur Law Firm Today!

If you have been charged with OVI/DUI here in Northwest Ohio, you could be facing charges that may result in penalties if convicted. This occurs if the other person involved has a personal injury from the accident. Charges could range from felony, to misdemeanor. Our team of lawyers is here to help defend you by looking into every detail of the charge to prove your innocence.

Prosecutors do not play games in such cases. Without strong and effective legal representation, you could face very serious consequences, including the real possibility of jail time. Here at Arthur Law Firm, we guide our OUI/DWI accident victims. As OUI/DUI accident lawyers in Northwest Ohio we are here to assist you in getting the justice that you deserve. Our experienced lawyers are to fight your DUI/OVI charges.

How Our Trusted Team Of Attorneys Will Defend Your Case

Here at the Arthur Law Firm our team of lawyers have been helping people charged with OVI/DUI for over several decades. We know the best approach to take when it comes to fighting for the justice you deserve. There are different ways to defend a victim against an OVI/DUI conviction. One approach is to have our client work with a lawyer to agree upon a plea that is of lesser charge then what would be the actual charge from the reckless operation. The other option is to fight the charges from start to end. In the end your penalties will end up depending on the different circumstances from your case and your own personal record prior to the accident. Every OVI/DUI case is different, and we understand that. Call the Arthur Law Firm today so we can help answer any questions or concerns you may have. We want to be your defense attorney during this scary time, trust our team of lawyers and contact our firm today.